Job Seekers

What we do here at F/ACES is listen.

Our goal is to understand ideally what the right opportunity for you is and help you get that opportunity. As we work together the one thing you will notice through the process is transparency! We recognize there is no perfect fit so we will be clear on where the role is a fit and where it might not be ideal and then ask you what you think. Then, we will take next steps accordingly.

Resume Building

Does your resume tell the audience where you have been, where you are going, and does it separate you out from your competition? If you feel you could use some help, let us know and we will walk through building a strong resume.


Interview Strategy

Do interviews make you nervous? Do you wonder if you answered the questions well in an interview? Let us help. We believe that interviewing is an art or a skill that can be learned and we are here to teach you.

Networking Advice

Are you wondering how to open your network up to get more opportunities? Or are you unsure what the best resources for your search are? We can assist with networking advice, referrals and getting you connected to the right people.

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Let’s Make Opportunity Happen

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